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Time for a New Exterior Painting Job?

A fresh coat of exterior paint can give your house a whole new look. New paint for an old home is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make the house look like new. A new paint job can just as easily be completed for a newer home for those people looking to change colors, styles, or the look altogether. Performing your own paint job can be extremely messy and time consuming for someone inexperienced, and not worth the headache considering you can hire a painter at a very reasonable price. The painter?s cost, efficiency, team, and reputation should all be considered when hiring the right contractor. Take into consideration the following best practices when hiring an exterior house painter:

  1. Cost - Painting the exterior of a home requires a number of steps but most contractors should all perform these same steps. The biggest determinant of price would be the size of your house. Obviously, the bigger the home the more you will have to budget. Get quotes from multiple contractors for the best price.
  2. Reputation - Absolutely get referrals from prior customers of the contractor. Also ask for pictures of previous projects the painter has completed. You can also check out review sites such as Yelp or Google to learn more about the painting company's reputation
  3. Efficiency and Procedures - Ask the painter how long the job would take and what steps they will perform. At a minimum, the painter should clean the exterior surface, scrape away any loose paint, and then apply the paint to the home. Cleanup is an absolute necessity and make sure the painter clearly states that they will take care of any accidental paint stains on the law, windows, driveway, etc.
  4. Paint Selection - Do your homework on the color and type of paint you would like to use. Test a few colors yourself on a portion of the exterior surface of your home to be sure you choose the right color. Also select a paint that has a good quality, reputation, and warranty.

Be sure to do your research on both the painter and the selection of paint and you are almost guaranteed to have a great experience, add value to your home, and bring a fantastic curb appeal to your home.

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