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Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom Painting

The most common areas people choose to give a fresh new paint job including the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. These kitchen and bathroom are two rooms that most people visit when coming over for company while the bedroom provides an opportunity for home owners to provide a more intimate paint design. Let's take a look at each room individually to discuss how to provide a terrific interior paint project for the house.

  • Kitchen - Painting the kitchen involves the most work because you have to consider painting numbers areas of one room. The cabinets should receive their own paint or wood stain. There are a number of colors to choose from but you would like your cabinets to compliment your walls, countertop, backsplash, appliances, table, and any tangible in the kitchen. A cherry finish with a more contemporary color on the wall might look amazing. Perhaps a yellow wall with blue cabinets? This would be a cool look for a summer home. There are so many choices and the only real way to figure out which colors or type of paints to choose is to bring home a variety of samples for both the walls and the cabinets and see how they look.
  • Bathroom - The bathroom is very simple. A light color usually looks very crisp and clean while a darker color more resembles a bar scene. Go with a light paint that makes people happy while they get their personal time in your bathroom.
  • Bedroom - Bedroom painting is always the most fun because not many guests will look at your bedroom. Here is an opportunity to get crazy with paint design. Glossy or satin pain is always sexy while a more modern pastel or eggshell color would also look great. It's always nicer to choose a slightly lighter color for the bedroom so that it's easier to wake up in the morning!

Choosing the right paint color and design may took longer than the actual paint job because it is so important. Always be sure to test a few brushes on the walls before applying a full coat. You can always hire a professional painting company or paint designer to help you coordinate the paint project.

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